So after months of deliberating I finally took the plunge and bought a wetsuit. Trying to find one that wasn't going to cost me an arm and a leg was a struggle as well as trying to find one that i liked the look of. Lets face it no one looks good in a wetsuit but you want to look the best you can. I decided to buy a wetsuit after i had looked through all the triathlons I wanted to do this season, as they are all open water swims starting at 750m, so to enter you must wear a wetsuit. I have already seen 3 that I want to do as well as 2 of the ones I did last season, and of course I am going to attempt the great pier swim which is a mile and a half swim.
So by the end of summer I should get my money's worth.

When i got home from work and saw the box from wiggle of course i was super excited as i wasn't expecting it to arrive until the end of the week. After dumping all my work gear on the kitchen table I opened the box and found they also sent me this gift. Thanks wiggle. You're the best.

go and visit www.wiggle.co.uk

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