So it's Sunday, and like always I spend the morning at work. Of course a good shift because there's no managers to keep and eye, so everyone is more relaxed. Today my colleague C gave me a new word. Effervescent. Now I am not one to shy away from my faults, one of them being my lack of variety of vocabulary, so C being a kind guy that he is is giving me a word of the day to remember and use. Effervescent - fizzy, animated. 

Now I've finished for the day, and learnt a new word. I go see my parents because its nice to have a proper meal on a a Sunday, and my fridge is bare, well except all the cheese I bought because it was on special, but that's irrelevant. So most people are spending the day with their mums treating them to gifts and cards because its the right thing to do, even though is a Clinton holiday. Luckily for me my Mumma didn't want me to get her anything so saved a fortune there. Instead we are quiet happily drinking beer and watching rubbish films on the telly.
Because let's face it its what Sundays are for.

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