Outdoor running in progress..

I have recently started outdoor running again, after 2 months of having a break due to health problems. I decided enough was enough and I needed to get back out there.

Living and working so close to the seafront is ideal, especially as I'm getting back on my feet. It's fairly flat and easily markers to tell how's far you've gone. Whether the sea is in or out there's always a nice view, and a nice breeze so you'll never over heat. Even at night time it's beautiful. There's less people about except other runners and dog walkers.

Now I didn't go very far but just the doing the short distances I was able to gage how much fitness I had. Which has really diminished, but saying that I I haven't lost speed (although how much slower can you go id you're already slow?). So although it's going to be a slow process by the time i have my next triathlon i should be able to run for miles and miles, speed doesn't  bother me. It's the stamina that i want to work on.

Watch this space and the one down the sea front for progress.

On yer bike.

So this morning I woke up early, sadly not early enough to take part in Southend park run. So instead I went to the pool and did my normal pyramid swim this swim is where you increase the lengths to a certain distance and bring it back down again, hence why it's called a pyramid swim. While I was there I bumped into the usual faces, chatting away about up coming events (Southend swim-a-thon). Talking about how to gradually increase my long distance swimming ready for the Southend pier swim (3k) that I am doing in July.

Now because it was such a nice day i decided that its about time that I went out on my bike, which I haven't ridden since November. I've been called a fair weathered cyclist because I only ride when it's nice, but lets face it who wants to go for a 40k bike ride in the rain? So because its been a long time since I've been out on my bike of course there was the usual hiccups, such as getting my foot stuck in my clip in shoes, resulting in myself falling quite spectacularly onto the floor even before I got to the end of the road. So after remembering that I need to clip in and out before I want to stop, I finally got moving. 3 miles in I had to turn around and head home, why? Because I had a flat front tyre, how I missed this while setting everything up I don't know.

So on my second leg of my bike ride I was quite rudely beeped at by some boy racer in his horrid white ford focus, telling me to get out of the way, now of course I shouted back -you can't let these idiots dictate the road- and he wasn't to pleased with my reply, but then the road isn't just for cars. I was wearing a hi vis jacket, so there was no way that he couldn't say that he didn't see me when cruising round.

Overall for a first ride of the year on my bike it was alright, apart from the traffic and cars slowing me down I did ok. However I need to speed up so that I can do 20k in less than an hour, which is possible for my first triathlon of the season in June. The rate I am going now its more than possible. Lets just hope it stays nice enough for me to get out there and enjoy it.