Outdoor running in progress..

I have recently started outdoor running again, after 2 months of having a break due to health problems. I decided enough was enough and I needed to get back out there.

Living and working so close to the seafront is ideal, especially as I'm getting back on my feet. It's fairly flat and easily markers to tell how's far you've gone. Whether the sea is in or out there's always a nice view, and a nice breeze so you'll never over heat. Even at night time it's beautiful. There's less people about except other runners and dog walkers.

Now I didn't go very far but just the doing the short distances I was able to gage how much fitness I had. Which has really diminished, but saying that I I haven't lost speed (although how much slower can you go id you're already slow?). So although it's going to be a slow process by the time i have my next triathlon i should be able to run for miles and miles, speed doesn't  bother me. It's the stamina that i want to work on.

Watch this space and the one down the sea front for progress.

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