Swim you're troubles away.

When I feel angry or sad I find a swim makes everything better, I can just put my googles on and swim until my arms falls off. Normally I calm down before that happens, but you never know one day I might get pushed to far. The only problem that I am facing at the moment is that I am unable to push myself to far, not until I get the complete ok from my cardiologist which won't be till June.
I don't know what it is about the water, whether its the peace and quiet or the cool temperature that is soothing but it really is. It's a shame that all my local pools are 25m. Trying to find a 50m pool to train in seems to be a nightmare, especially since the nearest is Basildon. Of course I'd love to go sea swimming every day but its not possible to find someone to spot me.
Its not long before i take part in swimfest, i decided to do the middle distance which is 1.5k so it shouldn't take anymore than 30minutes, i am aiming to do it in 25minutes but it a depends how i feel race day. Oh i can't wait. 

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