A Year Later..

I cannot believe that its been a year since my heart surgery (ASD closure), and what a year its been. As straightforward as it all seems emotionally its been a mess, with anxiety attacks causing a hospital admission to days of palpation's. I can finally say that i am better, not only better but back exercising! Granted its going slowly but i am getting my fitness back. Of course the weather hasn't helped, lets face it who wants to go out for a run or a bike ride after a year of nothing in the freezing British winter?  I know i don't.

I have got myself back in the gym, starting with the weights, getting into a better shape, and a booty to match. I have started doing Spin class and wow was that not what i was expecting. Well of course i knew it was going to be tough, but not as tough as it was, but that could be down to lack of fitness. After buying a sports watch with a heart monitor i feel more comfortable to push myself, as i know when it starts to hurt i can see how hard i am pushing myself. But so far no pain!

They say no pain no gain but for me this is completely wrong, if the pain comes back then i am in trouble. When i first started back at the gym i had a different pain, but it would call is more of a discomfort, and i'm sure if you have ever done weights you'll know what i mean, especially on leg day! Holy Mackerel i had forgotten what doing squats does to your legs. I couldn't sit down i couldn't stand up every way was hurting, walking like i had poo'd my pants, not a good look, but i kept going and the results are finally starting to pay off.

If its one thing i can pass on to a friend or anyone who wants to know, Its keep going, everything good is worth working for, nothing easy happens over night.

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