So on thursday i was having some lunch, sulking mainly because my mumma had to use my car so i couldn't go for a swim that I had planned. This was annoying as with limited training time between working days not being able to train when i want means another skipped session. Now whilst eating the post came, my house mate came through and gave me a letter. Not just a letter, but the letter, the letter i didn't think i would receive until May.

So you would think that by now after a terrible year of everything going wrong, that I would be super nervous, but I wasn't. Not as nervous as I should be. So I examined the letter, thinking it was really light, which normally isn't a good sign. I went to open it carefully not to rip the content, and skimmed what was written. It took me a couple of attempts to actually take in what was written. But in a a nutshell I got a place at uni!

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