I keep getting this overwhelming feeling of sadness, its becoming more and more. To the point where i'm not sleeping properly, and even lost my appetite, which is horrifying because i do love food (although you wouldn't think to look at me). I looked online like most people, searching and reading all about what could be causing this sadness. I have no real reason to be sad i have a fantastic boyfriend and i am at university enjoying a course that i love. But of course i have a physical health problem that i can't fix, well not can't but its not happening. Not happening as fast as i would like, but that's because of the hospital. Everybody in their life time at some point or another will suffer from depression whether they get it diagnosed or not, whether they even recognize that it is depression or whether its just sadness from over working and under sleeping. This is where i have the problem, do i go to my GP and say 'hey wassup i read online that i have symptoms of depression, fix it!' or do i keep on as i am hoping that it will pass? Looking at information on the internet is dangerous, and not always a good thing, as lets face it we have all done it looked up symptoms for something and come out with some deadly disease that in no way we could of contracted but is just a figment of our imaginations, end up going to the GP's and making a prat of yourself. I've always said that if you are feeling depressed or feeling sad is to eat a banana, because anyone who doesn't know that they are a super fruit is a idiot (they have have been proved to relieve stress and improve mood once eaten).

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