clear out.

What is it about being a girl that means we accumulate hundreds of clothes? mountains of clothes stuffed into wardrobes, draws, on the floor, every where. Today i went through everything and ended up getting rid of 3 bags loads of clothes, bags, hats, scarves, a whole variety of things. There's always a story behind each item, when you bought it, where you wore it, who you were out with. It just makes me wonder why guys don't seem to get attached to such things. It would be a nightmare, its bad enough girls having a life long obsession with what to wear but for guys as well? Just insane, unless we just swapped over, boys become girls and girls become boys.

The reason i decided to root through and do a massive thrown out, not only because i had no space and ever anything to wear but to make room for my boyfriend (my idea not his). Its got to the point where i feel bad that every time he stays over he has to trail his stuff back and forth each week, as he doesn't drive and i don't always want to got and pick him up/ drop him off. So i made room and gave him a draw (although its small a lot of items have found themselves in the recycling). It may only seem like a small gesture but its the little things we do that make a difference.

On another note, it is just me or when you have a massive clear out everything else seems better, 'a tidy room is a tidy mind' was what i was told when i was younger, and i think they were right. For example any worries that were in your mind would just seem to either solve themselves or just not matter anymore. I always find that if i can't sleep or am feeling restless having a clean or a tidy helps.

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