A little city break to Budapest with my Boyfriend was just what i needed, although now i am feeling the pressure of assignment deadlines. But for four days i could explore a new city, soak up the culture, and even catch some rays.

Walking round the city was a great start to get our bearings, followed by Claustrophilla. That was insane! The idea is going into a room and trying to figure out how to get back out again. I would highly recommend everyone to go. Not going to say to much about what we did, and the puzzles we had to figure out, as that would spoil the fun.

The zoo is one of the oldest in Europe. I thought it was fantastic to experience the zoo however it was a really hot day so i felt for the animals who weren't meant for such a warm climate. Out of all the animals i think my favourite were the giant alligators and the giant anteater as i have never seen one before!

My boyfriend and i spent all morning wandering round the zoo and spent all afternoon relaxing at the spa. it was amazing dipping in and out of all the natural spring filled pools, the hottest being 36 degrees and the lowest being 16 degrees, having a sauna and steam in between we definitely enjoyed ourselves, with a lovely walk back at sunset, how romantic.

If there's ones thing that i love its food, and the street food and beers, were amazing, we went to a fair few of the ruin bars which are located all over the Jewish district, the feel good vibes and attitude made them so charming, with like minded locals and other tourists. We had trouble finding all of them but this was half the fun having them hidden away, and it is an amazing project funded by the art community to prevent the building from being torn down, i just hope that this unique way of keeping history alive could be transferred to the UK,

Going in April 2015, it was always going to be chancing with the weather, but luckily it was amazing all the time we were there, only needed a light jacket in the evenings, except when we were leaving to go to the airport, when it poured down with rain, i guess it was the weather Gods preparing us for the the cold weather back in England.

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