Count down.

So it's only 3 days till surgery, from tomorrow I have to start washing in anti bacterial body wash and cream, something I am not looking forward to, because let's face it who wants to smell like a hospital ward? Or even feel like a sick person, I am hoping that the nurses are nice and the ward is clean. I have nearly packed my bag, which consists of socks, trashy magazines and all my hospital letters, what else can you pack in advance? I am trying not to think about the fact that it might not work or something might go wrong and I'll still have to end up having open heart surgery. 

Being able to talk to the Chaplin is a huge weight off my mind, and my boyfriend and family don't understand my woes when it comes to spirituality and the soul and my worries. So to make up for alll of this, this evening I have spent being girls and relaxing, not only have I had the luxury of a aloe Vera mud face mask but a few glasses of wine and the finale of sex and the city, I am not sure it can be any more girly than that. 

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